German Shepherd vs Belgian Malinois

Malinois vs German Shepherd?

As these races are equally as these races and different? I would really appreciate responses from people who Have experience with both breeds, such as Dutch. I did not see him as one of my contacts, but if someone does, I would appreciate it if they this question would bring to his attention. Thanks.

Apples and oranges. They are alike in the fact that they are dogs shepherd dogs and work with a high proportion of travel. Malinois with far larger hard drive (in general). Malinois are very hyper, drivey, reactive dogs. For a normal person, they are a nightmare … for a coach, they are excellent. This is the kind of dog that learns quickly, if properly trained and loves work has a real “Do not Stop” Attitude. For a breeder it is a dog like a hawk too difficult to be observed injured 24 / 7 or is it something a little bite to kill something to destroy himself ect added. German Shepherds from working lines go (just to mention a working line GSDs because comparing all other lines of GSD is to be compared against a Malinois like a blind, 3 legs without teeth a Siberian tiger kittens) are much calmer dog. Not as reactive. Are you still a dream coach, just a different kind of coach. I have a saying, “go a German shepherd dog does what you say, a Belgian Malinois is one take it before you say it means a Dutch shepherd dog, before you believe it “… I find it backwards again. If stimuli is introduced, the time has reeled in, I can leave without even a glance at a good GSD on hold (of course with lots of good training, you can add the same time, most just as well). The main difference is that drives them out of work. Working Dog guys want a tough dog, a dog, the corrections, can be hard to drive and not lose a lot and keep working. These dogs just 2 very different ways. Malinois take HARD corrections of prey drive (re- a generalization). “I take what is on me, pressure or changes, or even pain so that I served my reward is a Mal’s thinking. German Shepherds take pressure and pain of hardness of character, “I will pressure, pain and corrections take because I have not bothered by them, I want the bad guy dominate. “Therefore, I am personally prefer GSDs. livable drive your daily life is wonderful, it means they can be easily domesticated dogs (in rule again). But the main thing I want is a police or military Working Dog an animal that bites out of anger …. Hate it. I want a dog that can and MAD to forge the will to cause pain, what causes him pain. These dogs do have aggression, social and fight drive. They bite because they do not like you and wants to hurt you. They bite because they win, to dominate, and you will. Malinois bite, because … they like to bite! To a lot of them it is a game for a minority of them it is a serious matter, and a larger minority still work (bite work) considered the same way a hard GSD views it. I Malinois like this, sadly they are a large minority. These types of dogs can be found and are especially KNPV dogs (KNPV time, often in the top few percent of NVBK Mixtures in varying degrees of GSD to their size and hardness … again in general). Both can do the same jobs in different degrees. If, as some people, a lot of people do you not care WHY bites a dog, so long as he then bites the Malinois is biting, driviest, there is a workaholic. If you have an old school rough and ready to rumble do simply for the chance to kick some butt … then go with the GSD … the GSD is to fight the navy of the dog world … they dig and they hit hard and will die on the beach, get some. Malinois more like a tactical unit, light and fast they can not dig with a fight or die Mentality, they want to hit their target, cause damage and call it a day (in the case of time the goal is to drive satisfaction) … I always liked against the Marines mentality but all the other fighters:)-edit-Marna O and Greek … you include the GSD knock offs. Shepherds Show Line GSDs not, please do not compare or even call them when we have GSDs Work talk. That is, if we are talking strictly working line dogs we have about 75% of that work … need, when you walk away the bums, the dollar signs for pupils to take aka people sell puppies for 5 large adults and Elite Super Duper dee “pertektion” dogs for $ 50,000 then, the number shoots up to 90% as good. There are Zwinger, where I just can not from a bad dog it produces (Peko House, Bungalow, Busecker Castle, Antverpa dogs, dog Carthage) was able to think. If done correctly Breeding GSDs is simply hard work well … it’s just not easy. Not many people in this country do the research. Most people in Germany have for the sport discipline. I am inclined to say there are now 4 types, the latest edition, the German sporting lines. If we take these dogs out of the picture and talk to the real world of work dogs of the GSD very well, he is alive and well. Hard to find? Hardly! Call Jiri (either) and know what you need to get, and a dog, call Joseph and get a dog, devil call Chico and a dog. In the whole time I’ve known Chico I have yet to see him produce a dud (it only breeds one litter per year or 2 but so … but still still, great performance). If the motives for breeding are tested and broken, it is easy to see … the Working Line GSD is here to stay and ad *** fine Dog. He has ad *** good job before anyone seen outside Belgium and Holland or ever heard of a Belgian Malinois. Btw A’Tim is a good dog, was that the service is not his best, but it shows at least once with a controllable drive (he did not give up tho brought these concepts’ yes?). A’Tim was probably a dog who could do something good … whether a serious dog (a civilian dog) was, is up for speculation, what I saw of him he wants a suit, not a man to dominate. Again A’Tim A / B dog, I like B dogs. Dogs like Endor … Well, this is a working dog, I would have him on A’Tim or other I have ever Malinois ‘ve seen taken out of a young Turcodos ^. ~

German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois 

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