german shepherd vs pitbull


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german shepherd vs pitbull
doberman vs rottweiler pitbull vs vs German shepherd?

How do i win dont like dog fighting

None of them talk, if your dog to fight. These dogs live a sad life tormented. If your talking about a pet, sadly, these dogs often attract the wrong kind of owners are looking for a pet to love, but looking for a dog, which in their opinion of them a little bit untouchable status. (They have in the past, my dog got to me) It is not the dogs to their owners disgusting to recognize that these breeds a bad reputation. These are very intellegent dogs are wonderful animals with proper training. Many GSD and Dobermans, along with other other breeds are used to improve the lives of disabled people, completing tasks for them that they are not in the Would be able to do. My personal favorite is the Doberman, loyal, affectionate, intelligent, witty and one of the children. My two Dobermans are great with kids and very social with other dogs

Bite force competition Between Rottweiler, German Shepherd, and Pitbull.

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